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Q. What is gelato?

In English, we think of gelato as ice cream, but the two are actually different products. Gelato contains less fat than ice cream, has less incorporated air, and is served at a higher temperature; you can read more here for a more detailed explanation.

Q. What is gelato artigianale?

It is handmade gelato that is produced in small quantities to ensure quality. It is made in store and sold directly to the consumer.

Q. What is sorbetto?

A. Sorbetto is essentially a gelato made without dairy, but using the same techniques. You can click here for a more in-depth explanation.

Q. What does “Botolino" mean?

A. “Botolino" is the diminutive of “botolo,” which is Italian and it roughly translates to “little snarling dog,” or “little feisty dog.” Botolo was my childhood nickname.

Q. Do you offer any products for those who are lactose intolerant?

A. All of our sorbettos are dairy-free. We also regularly offer a soy milk based gelato. Please check our offering list or contact us directly for the current selection.

Q. Is your gelato gluten free?

A. Yes, most all our gelato is gluten free, with some exceptions, such as apple pie.

Q. Who was your grandmother? 

A. Fernanda Gosetti was my grandmother who had her own gelato shop in Italy. She also owned and managed the Italian equivalent of Food and Wine Magazine, La Cucina Italiana and wrote a number of celebrated cookbooks. She was also the first person to teach me how to cook, and it’s an honor to continue her legacy.

Q. Why are your gelatos not displayed in a glass case?

A. We’ve chosen to keep our gelato in pozzetti (little wells). These are what was traditionally used for storing gelato. Glass displays only came into favor in the ‘70s. For more information about why pozzetti are preferable, please click here.

Q. How often do you make gelato?

A. We make gelato every day in store. While we don’t make all gelato flavors every day, but we make most of them on a daily basis. We don’t offer any gelato that’s more than three days old.

Q. How long will your gelato keep in my freezer at home?

Our gelato should keep for between ten and fourteen days in your freezer since your freezer will be considerably colder than the one in which we hold our gelato for service.

Q. Why do you offer only about 16 flavors of gelato? Many other shops here and in Italy offer many more.

We prioritize quality over quantity. With fewer flavors, we can maintain higher quality and freshness. When you taste it, you’ll understand why!

Q. Are your popsicles and the other frozen desserts also gelato?

A. No, not exactly. The popsicles contain the same ingredients as our gelato, but the formulation is a little different. Our other desserts may be spumones or semifreddos, which are considerably different from gelato. While we focus on gelato, we are excited to offer an array of authentic Italian desserts.